United Cornerstone University

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Admissions & Tuition

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are assessed based on course load. Quarter Credit Hours (QCHs) are $60 for 1 QCH for Certificate, $70 for 1 QCH for Bachelor, $80 for 1 QCH Master and $100 for 1 QCH Doctorate. ($180 for 3 QCH ~ Certificate); $210 for 3 QCH ~ Bachelor; $240 for 3 QCH ~ Master & $320 for 4 QCH ~ Master ~ $300 for 3 QCH ~ Doctorate & $400 for 4 QCH)

Registration fee is $50 per session. A one-time application fee is $30 for first time students.

The cost of the exam for students who wish to receive credit by exam (CBE) for Certificate is $180, Bachelor is $210, Masters for 3 CBE is $240 and for 4 CBE is $320, and Doctorate for 3 CBE is $300 and 4 CBE is $400 for applicable exam administration. 

     All remittances should be made payable to United Cornerstone University (UCU). Checks accepted in payment of tuition and fees must be negotiable at face value upon receipt (that is, no post­dated checks will be accepted). Those checks not honored by the payee's bank will be subject to immediate collection.



A High School Diploma or GED is required for admission. UCU is accredited by Southern Baptist Seminary Extension, UNC General Administration, Associate Status with Transworld Accrediting Commission. Students are required to provide a transcript from their high school or applicable institution when making application. Admission is incomplete without a validated transcript or actual sealed diploma.

Students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree need a High School Diploma and completion of Certificate Program.

Students pursuing a Master’s Degree without a Bachelor Degree in a Theology Discipline must complete a Certificate Program and have an accredited Bachelor Degree.

Student Status:

·  A full-time student is one who carries 9 credit hours per session.

·  A part-time student is one who carries 6 or less credit hours per session.