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President's Message

April 27, 2017

Press Release


George B. Jackson, pastor of Citadel of Faith Christian Fellowship, Thomasville, NC has published his third book entitled, “Ordination Training for Bi-Vocational Clergy.” The 150-page book is uniquely designed to guide licentiates (licensed preachers) in preparing for catechism leading to ordination or holy orders.

Non-denominational in approach, the manual is an easy to understand roadmap answering the most basic questions: How do I implement ministry and what tools will I need to serve God and His people? The book is a by-product of Jackson’s doctoral project at Gardner-Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC (2009). The book is full of personal insights and directions for administering the sacraments and special ceremonies germane to the modern church.

Jackson is President of United Cornerstone University, Chairman of the Martin Luther King Social Action Committee and Presiding Prelate of Citadel Ministries International. He is also the author of, “Tears of a Clown,” (2013) and “I’ll Meet You in Gethsemane” (2014). His articles are published in numerous newspaper and online columns in North and South Carolina. For more information, contact Citadel of Faith Christian Fellowship, at (336) 476-7218, e-mail [email protected] or visit the website www.citadeloffaith.net.

July 12, 2016

Beloved Friends,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni, welcome to the website of United Cornerstone University.

We have successfully made the transition to ‘university’ with the help of an insightful Board of Trustees, a committed faculty and staff and above all the unmerited favor and grace of God.

UCU is a vision that is taking shape and coming into full vie. In watching the evolution of this institution we recognized the need to expand our curriculum and build relationships with churches and associations in the Piedmont and upstate. We look to the future when we can expand our services beyond the Carolinas.

Please allow our Staff to meet with you and tailor a course of study that will fit your busy schedule. We are particularly concerned about the needs of bi-vocational clergy and do all we can to provide a dynamic-spiritual educational experience.

You are a very important part of all we do at UCU. We are focused and deliberate in our planning and implementation of strategies, to make you the best prepared servant leader possible. I encourage you, ‘To Learn, To Love, To Be!’ Contact Miranda L. Bolton, Vice President of Student Affairs at (336) 561-4067 or (336) 476-7218 for further information.

Your Humble Servant,

Dr. George B. Jackson