United Cornerstone University

  "To Learn , To Love, To Be"     

Mission and Vision

                                                                                                                     Our Mission

        Our mission is to be for the assembly, an educational community in which Christian maturity and ministerial preparation take place together; and to prepare for the church, people (full time and bi-vocational clergy) - committed to the witness of the Gospel in what -ever sphere of ministry or service God may appropriate for them.



This is what we do train and equip ministry leaders To Learn, to Love, and to be...the best in what God called them to do!

                    Our Objective

         The implementation of Christian ministry through the acquisition of knowledge of the biblical, historical and theological heritage of Christian communities: To further acquire an understanding of the political, social, and economic realities that affect the lives of people in this post-modern era and competence in those disciplines and activities that comprise the daily routine of the life of the assembly.

         We shall accomplish these objectives by offering our students an opportunity to earn the Certificate in Christian Leadership (CCL), Certificate in Preaching (CP); Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE), and the Bachelor of Theology (BTH); Master of Divinity in the following disciplines: Preaching (MDP);  Theology (MTH) and iblical Studies (MBS).  Doctor of Ministry in the following disciplines:  Preaching (DMP), Biblical Studies (DBS), and Christian Counseling (DCC).