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The Ten Commandments Online

Welcome students to our online studies!  BIB 1800: The Ten Commandments

You will have to complete quizzes sequentially, you will not be able to take quizzes until you have completed the previous quiz.

You will take your Quizzes and Final Exam online you will have 45 minutes to complete quizzes from start to finish and 60 minutes to complete Final Exam from start to finish.

 To begin your Quizzes and Final Exam click on this link www.classmarker.com       Click on the The Ten Commandments Link and proceed with with Quiz 1

Do not proceed to Quiz 2, Quiz 3, until have completed assignments. 

  Please find below your Name and you will find your username and password to login to take quizzes.

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Leneasia Hooper                    leneasiahooper                                divinity1*

Please only log in with your name because you only have 1 attempt so please don't log in with someone else's name; because  you will not be able to see the results of someone else once they have been submitted!  

If you are having any problems logging on to take your quiz or final exam please contact VP Pamela Jackson at jacksonps@ucuedu.com.