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Congratulations to Dr. Cameron Mays on receiving the Doctor of Divinity Degree, Sunday, December 9, 2018 - The Refinery Church of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

L-R - Dr. Pamela S. Jackson, Dr. Cameron Mays, and Dr. George B. Jackson

United Cornerstone University visits - The Refinery Church of LA, Los Angeles, CA with Elder Dr. Cameron Mays.

United Cornerstone University is pleased to announce we have made approval status to offer GI Bill Benefits to all veterans, military, and other eligible persons under provisions Title 38 Section 3676 (NCSAA). Retroactive April 24, 2018!
We welcome you to our university!

Congratulations United Cornerstone University for accreditation by IABCS July, 2018

Happy 12th Birthday United Cornerstone University...Congratulations and the best is still yet to come!

Congratulations Dr. Dennis Bishop the new Chairman Board of Trustees!

Congratulations for the ordination of Elders Brenda Lewis and Jerry Brown. Congratulations to Dr. Wayne Brown on receiving the Doctor of Divinity Degree, July 16, 2017.

Degree program(s) of study offered by United Cornerstone University have been declared by the appropriate state authority exempt from the requirements for licensure under provisions of North Carolina General Studies Section (G.S.) 116-15(d) for exemption from licensure with respect to religious education. Exemption from licensure is not based upon assessment of program quality under established licensing standards.